A series of messages that share the idea and theme that makes up an integrated marketing communication.


What we do

Our Promotional and Publicity campaigns are a series of advertisements using various marketing tools that share the similar messages and thoughts to promote a business or an event. Different media resources like newspapers, billboards, tv commercials and digital space are used in a typical promotional and publicity campaign.

Traditional Advertising (TV, Radio, Print)
New Media (Digital Display, Digital Marketing Solutions)
Airport Advertising
According to a study undertaken by Neilson, frequent flyers are highly responsive to airport advertising. The study shows that 80% notice the media, 42% take action after they viewed the campaign, and 19% purchase what they saw advertised at the airport.

Airport advertising is important, as Travelers are ready to take action due to received messaging that mimics their lifestyle and travel choices, which is why it works so well. 73% of frequent fliers say they take the time to read airport advertising messages.
Time Square Advertising

Recruitment Advertising

At Swish Interactiv, our Recruitment advertising process encompasses using job advertisements to attract and engage top applicants to our clients. It contains advertising strategies, techniques, and technologies that enable organizations to reach the right personnel at the right time and to build a steady pipeline of talent.


overcoming problems

At Swish Interactiv, we take an wholistic view of the promotional and publicity campaign before designing an integrated marketing communication utilizing various tools to achieve optimal results.

We understand that every situation is unique and our experience over the years has helped us to build an arsenal capable to handle any marketing from simple to complex campaigns.

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