The Mark Zuckerberg fever and the power of endorsement!

It’s no longer news that Mark Zuckerberg was in Lagos, Nigeria, and a lot has been said on different platforms concerning his visit. Sincerely, I was quite excited, especially awed by his simplicity. No noise, no political adverts, and no body guards? It was breath taking and also refreshing, so much that there are many people like me who are praying that endowed Nigerians can draw a cue from his personality.
On Wednesday, 31st of August, 2016, after spending ample time surfing the net, I was mildly put off by the sudden display of love and concern for Mark in different quarters. People who didn’t have any business in Lagos, rushed in, just to get a picture with him. Do I hear you asking, “Esther, how is that your business?” Well, it isn’t, so I just sighed and went to bed.
I was then shocked at myself when I woke up the next day, Thursday, and prepared for work as though Mark was going to appear at our office. I gave myself a little time to day dream and began to wonder what impact a celebrity endorsement can do to any brand.
Hmmn! Limitless possibilities. People who once shut the door in your face would return and start seeking your hand in marriage (laughs). Your business will suddenly experience a giant leap and you would start battling with turning back jobs. Hmmn! As I said, limitless possibilities. I even day dreamed as far as seeing my husband feeling so proud of his hard working wife and probably saying, “Dear, you deserve it. It’s been a long time coming.”
So snap back to reality! Wasn’t intending to go to work late, so I hurriedly prepared and left for work, just in case Mark really decided to walk in. This is my letter to every employee, employer, entrepreneur, etc who is constantly striving for excellence but still hasn’t gotten as much visibility as desired.
There are a couple of things I learnt from this small experience which I would like to share with everyone who cares to read through. (Yes, that’s you, having endured my ramblings this far. *laughs*)
1. What unique problems are you solving as an individual or as a brand? If you can stand out of the crowd, you are most likely to get endorsed. Endorsement brings a confirmation to consumers that they have made a good choice.
2. Are you consistent? At work, people may know you are a very focused person who strives to surpass your target. However, if your track record fluctuates between available today and lost tomorrow, it becomes a thing of concern. Regardless of the challenges that appear insurmountable, keep at it, because one day, you will eventually break through. Investing in marketing, community development projects or even unending training may leave you drained. But be encouraged, a day would come when you will believe it was all worth it.
I have two suggestions on how to escape from boredom while waiting. Joyce Meyer once said, “Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it is how we behave while waiting.”
1. Consider each new day as one pregnant with possibilities. If you are passionate and excited about the high chances of good coming your way, you would be fired up at whatever you are doing. Never see the size of your bank account as a true reflection of your worth. Just because things appear bad does not necessarily mean that things are bad. You have no idea who is somewhere talking about you or your brand even as you read this.
2. Prepare! Prepare! And Prepare! I can’t emphasize it enough! If you aren’t prepared for the next level, what will you do when it catches you unawares? To drive this home, I would like to use the trending story as an analogy. On one hand, I am aware of many people whose only goal was to take a selfie with Mark and post it on their social media platforms. Personally, I see that as a giant opportunity gone to waste. Many people never imagined that someone worth over $54 billion would come into their country unannounced. If they knew he was coming and received an invite, I am sure many would have gone with Presentation slides of world changing ideas. On the other hand, Kunle Afolayan was not caught off guard. He had his idea ready and pitched it at the right time to the right person. That is the fruit of preparation. I am not sure he ever planned a private visit to the Facebook Chief before now, but immediately the opportunity presented itself, he was prepared and took advantage.
Do a research on the power of celebrity endorsement and you will fully comprehend the possibilities that will embrace your brand once it happens.
I can go on and on but I must stop here, and get back to work. I would keep hoping that one day, my hard work would pay off and that person, whose endorsement would turn our business table around, would walk through the door.
To everyone who works with me or who is running with that unique vision, I say, “Keep at it. Don’t give up. Press harder! A “Mark” could be on his way to your office right.

Esther Hadassahtouch
Book Editing, Biographies, Website matters, Graphics Design, Outdoor Advertising at Sapient Hadassah’s Touch Limited


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