So I Rise (By Fanente)

By Fanen Acho
CEO, Medleypark Limited

Smoke, dust, dirt, sweat, blood, tears and all
I come with all of me to hid this nagging call
Re-merge with the tempest of a dragon’s fury
And the gentility of a dove in full glory
My glories shine through, my strengths revealed
So I rise

My fears face their nemesis, my darkness no more concealed
No more to retreat from my constant battles
Or deny my infrequent victories
I rise as me, as all of me
Part villain, part crusader
Part human, part deity
But I rise, I rise as Fanente

What have I found here?
Is this that which was missing?
That which I feared greatly?
That which beckoned and I feigned naivety?
So I rise to heed this call

My soul deafened to loud applauses of easily impressed men
I contemplate my sour sentiments and embrace the naysayer’s disdain
My quest is personal and my appetite is for things borne of a higher order
So I rise, wading my way through this lonesome adventure
It is my truth that I seek and my end that I enquire!

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